domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Dream libraries...

I think the last posts have been to celebrate my geek side. However, I dedicate this post to those people who loves to read, but  they can identify with the surrounding environment, I´m talking about the libraries.
There are libraries around the world that are pride for their architectonic style, where they reflect a true monument to art and sometimes the reading stay in the background. Let´s see what I mean ...

The library Cook and Book in Bruselas has a decoration for each thematic, for example, Youth literature or cook.

The library Lello or in Portuguese Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal show an architectonic and romantic style for all the avid readers who like this kind of scenario.

For the art lovers, a library that reflect it. Located in Rome, the library is called Bookabar.

This one has to be my favourite no doubt. It´s rustic style give the impression that you are sumersed in a world where time doesn´t exist. The library is called Shakespeare & Co and it´s in Paris, near of Notre Dame.

And of course the best library in my city, Medellín: Parque España Library. It has been considered one of the best architectonics proyects whereby its designer, the architect Giancarlo Mazzanti won in 2008.

So, is there libraries that you like for their style? Which one de you like to assist the most or you prefer be outside? Tell us!

See you next time!

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