domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

The bycicle diaries.

Today is Friday and the desired weekend has arrived but I have so many things that I have to do but it´s better don´t do anything (Yeah, right) But as a responsible girl  I should do everything. I didn´t say this but I have a conference on Thursday or Friday (They haven´t tell me when is it like I only have time for that. Agh!)  at least my relief is to buy the outfit that  I'll wear (shopping!) although I'm undecided whether to buy a dress or just wear pants and a blouse. I need help!.

Anyway, today's post is about bicycles. Commemorating that May is its month (but still takes 5 days to finish) they have much influence over the lives of people from little but unfortunately when we grew up, we stop using them, however, they have become one of the accessories must of the season. And how it could not  be? They give a fresh image to what we wear and you can make it your style. Other advantages: We are saving the planet and our bodies. It's a win-win.


Via: The Satorialist

The bicycles have been and are being inspiration for the runways and clothing campaigns. In 2009 it was seem the collaboration of Acne with the bicycle brand Bianchi, in Teen Vogue and now have come in  April 2012 Glamour magazine.

So what are you waiting for go out and use your best look while you are accompanied by a bicycle? If you need inspiration for ideas (although there are no limits!) go to or  where you will find pictures of people with different styles both clothing and bicycles. By the way, if you live or are visiting Medellin and don´t have a bike to see the city you can sign up in where they explain you the procedure to do and differents routes.

If you have a bycicle, send us a picture in your favorite look or Tell us how you would dress

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