domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Cannes Festival... Au revoir!

And today is oficially over the 12-day Cannes festival. It wasn´t  only important the films and the winners but also the designers and the costumes of the actors and actresses who parade in each one of the events. Some with better hits than others, the matter  was to ratify the positions of  fashion icons and definitely to keep track of the characters that slowly are becoming one.

Diane Kruger who this year was a member of the panel of juries at the festival dazzled with multiple designs from cocktail dresses to haute couture, which managed to fascinate the audience at Cannes. In the picture she is wearing a metallic sequined dress designed by Vivienne Westwood for the premiere of "Amour". 


In the next photo in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture look.

Diane Kruger en un look de Giambattista Valli haute couture con sandalias Jimmy Choo
                                                                           Photo credit: Getty images Entertainment.

Obviously, it could not lack one of the designs of my favorite designers, Hayder Ackermann, wear by his muse and dear friend Tilda Winston. With the characteristic androgyny style of Winston, she wear a design based on the origami form in bronze color like she can only do it. Here in the opening ceremony of the Cannes Festival.

Photo Credit: Venturelli/ Wide image.

Maybe some readers would not be agreed with me but i have to say that i totally adore this dress. The Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing wear a design of Valentino Hause Couture in the Loreal event in Cannes. The look consisting in a floral dress with sleeves along with a pristine hair style and soft make up have my total approbation. 

Photo credit: Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty images Entertainment.

In another look that fascinated me: A Elie Saab Couture dress. Although i would take away the earrings because it looks heavy and the dress shine for itself. I haven´t watch one of her movies but nobody can deny that she have  a great fashion sense, specially in the red carpets. 

Photo credit: Dominique Charriau/ Getty images Entertainment.

The Chinese model Liu Wen considered as the sixt best model of the world in a raking made by and the cover of the China Vogue wore a greek style dress by Roberto Cavalli in the Chopard "Mistery Party" in the festival.

Photo credit: Ian Gavan/ Getty images Entertainment.

Maybe it´s a princess style but the combination with a twenties hairstyle gave as result a Hollywood look with a lot of glamour. The actress Jessica Chastain with a Giorgio Armani en the premiere of Madagascar 3.

                                                                          Photo credit: Getty images Entertainment.

Nicole Kidman, another fashion icon with a Lavin look in the premiere of "Paperboy". 

Nicole Kidman, en un look de Lanvin, en el estreno de The Paperboy

                                                                                Photo credit: Getty images Entertainment.

Que puedo decir de este vestido? Simplemente engrandece el estilo femenino y delicado. Con un diseño de Marchesa de la temporada invierno 2012 en color nude, Naomi Watts aparte de ser una gran actriz es un icono de la moda moderna. En la premiere de Madagascar 3. Sin duda mi favorito.(¿Qué puedo decir? Soy un chica romantica)


                        La 65a edicion del Festival Internacional de Cine de Cannes

                                                                                    Photo Credit: Venturelli/ Wide image.

No doubt is my favorite (What can i say? I´m a romantic girl)...

Dream libraries...

I think the last posts have been to celebrate my geek side. However, I dedicate this post to those people who loves to read, but  they can identify with the surrounding environment, I´m talking about the libraries.
There are libraries around the world that are pride for their architectonic style, where they reflect a true monument to art and sometimes the reading stay in the background. Let´s see what I mean ...

The library Cook and Book in Bruselas has a decoration for each thematic, for example, Youth literature or cook.

The library Lello or in Portuguese Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal show an architectonic and romantic style for all the avid readers who like this kind of scenario.

For the art lovers, a library that reflect it. Located in Rome, the library is called Bookabar.

This one has to be my favourite no doubt. It´s rustic style give the impression that you are sumersed in a world where time doesn´t exist. The library is called Shakespeare & Co and it´s in Paris, near of Notre Dame.

And of course the best library in my city, Medellín: Parque España Library. It has been considered one of the best architectonics proyects whereby its designer, the architect Giancarlo Mazzanti won in 2008.

So, is there libraries that you like for their style? Which one de you like to assist the most or you prefer be outside? Tell us!

See you next time!

The bycicle diaries.

Today is Friday and the desired weekend has arrived but I have so many things that I have to do but it´s better don´t do anything (Yeah, right) But as a responsible girl  I should do everything. I didn´t say this but I have a conference on Thursday or Friday (They haven´t tell me when is it like I only have time for that. Agh!)  at least my relief is to buy the outfit that  I'll wear (shopping!) although I'm undecided whether to buy a dress or just wear pants and a blouse. I need help!.

Anyway, today's post is about bicycles. Commemorating that May is its month (but still takes 5 days to finish) they have much influence over the lives of people from little but unfortunately when we grew up, we stop using them, however, they have become one of the accessories must of the season. And how it could not  be? They give a fresh image to what we wear and you can make it your style. Other advantages: We are saving the planet and our bodies. It's a win-win.


Via: The Satorialist

The bicycles have been and are being inspiration for the runways and clothing campaigns. In 2009 it was seem the collaboration of Acne with the bicycle brand Bianchi, in Teen Vogue and now have come in  April 2012 Glamour magazine.

So what are you waiting for go out and use your best look while you are accompanied by a bicycle? If you need inspiration for ideas (although there are no limits!) go to or  where you will find pictures of people with different styles both clothing and bicycles. By the way, if you live or are visiting Medellin and don´t have a bike to see the city you can sign up in where they explain you the procedure to do and differents routes.

If you have a bycicle, send us a picture in your favorite look or Tell us how you would dress

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Photographs that inspire...

There are photographs that can impulse you to experiment a feeling, whether is love, anger, tenderness, courage and more. That´s about photography:  to encourage people through the capture of a moment that become especial for the one who observe it. Usually, I like those which can inspire to do something different with your life (motivational images). That is one of the reasons because i love Tumblr. I have found so many where usually post photos that contain great meaning and after a exhausting day they return you a smile on your face. If you have the opportunity i would like that you enter and search them. There are many tumblr with this description and believe me that they are not going to disappoint you. One of my favorites is the tumblr called Sensivity property of Anna Sheen .It has a lot of images and photos that i particular love because they have a meaning behind and obviously it has fashion images. If you are a fashion addict you will enjoy all the photos that are posted in Vogue-Villa I recommend you enter to these page. You will not regret. Trust me!

Via: Sensivity Tumblr.

I want a tattoo like this but I know my mom will kill me.


 I want this book!!!:

Via: Vogue- Villa Tumblr

What do you think about tumblr? Do you like it? Do you have any? If you have leave a message so everyone can see it!