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I apologize for not writing sooner but as i said in previous posts i had a conference  about an research that i did about South Korea. But i did n´t come to talk about economics because i don´t want to bore you. Hahahaha.

In a few words (or more) this is what happened to me that day: One of the most terrifying and embarrassing experience of my entire life. Everything that could happen (or at least most) happened to me. My power point presentation was a totally mess, i forgot everything, I got nervous and on top of that, they were recording and showing it ALIVE!. For the sake of my emotional stability, I never EVER will watch that video. The good side is that i learnt a lot of things, when i was anymore shy (i don´t like when more of three people stare at me) i relaxed and even I talked with a professor in front of the people (we were discussing about my research and answering questions) which it means that my confidence had returned.
So for all my readers i just give you one advice: Stay calm and don´t panic. If you ever are in this kind of situation just take the control. Have confidence and attitude! :)

What we came: Post of the day!. This post is dedicated to all the women who are in the conferences world or simply those who attend to one. The ideal for this kind of event is that you have to go semi formal. If you want to wear dress, it has to be coctel type that does n ´t show a lot, ideal for lunch, the inaugural day or if you are presenting the event or a research, but if you are going only to the conferences is better that you dress comfortable although I´m not saying that you can wear Jeans and a shirt. A elegant blouse that is not low cut with a pants can be a good option combined with a closed shoes that aren´t be flashy but soft colors. 

I did this options that I think it would be excellent to wear in a conference.

Conference girl

More details in: http://www.polyvore.com/conference_girl/set?id=50145529&.locale=es

For those who attract the attention with striking colors. A combination of red and black.

Business Girl

For those who want to be more demure with a youth and romantic style.  Colors like rosewood and amethyst would suit them ver good.

conference girl 2

conference girl 3

For those who have curiosity about what i wore, I give you a image about it (i couldn´t take a photo because i was late and when i realize i left my camera in my apartment). In the image appears two kinds of sandals. I wore the turquoise sandals when i was in others conferences and lunch. For my conference i wore a golden high sandals. The blouse that i wore is from United Colors of Benetton, Pants from Zara Woman and the sandals was a gift from my sister.

My conference outfit

 More details in: http://www.polyvore.com/my_conference_outfit/set?id=50151393

Now you have a idea about what to wear in a conference. If you want you can create your wardrobe options in Polyvore which i think is a great help to know what to buy. Tell us what would you like to wear. Leave us a message!l

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